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Thanks To Helping Members So Far 980$ Are Promised And We Are Only Short Of 670$ Now. If You Can Help Kindly Write Us Immediately. Thanks

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We are sorry for abrupt service interruption. Here is a summary of the situation for your kind review.

Hardware Failure
Unfortunately due to hardware failure a large number of websites and their associated data on that cluster got wiped up. OneUrdu was also among the affected websites. Servers were shut down immediately to minimize any further damage. Experts were called to start data restoration procedures. We got some data back but it was a pile of 2+million files without any organized data and folder structure so it was not useful at all. After trying to re-assemble some possibly related files from this heap for several weeks we could not succeed. So despite all the efforts of several persons, data could not be restored. Good news is that large amounts of data on other servers like composing mission and Urdu Photos is still intact. Our previous hosting provider might have some backup files on their ftp backup dating November 2014. But rightly enough they are asking all the previous months dues to restore that option. We are ready to consider it although we are not sure about data being there.

Our Original Plan for OneUrdu Future
Due to several reasons we were considering to close OneUrdu since 2013. But some of our team members were of thought to complete mission and give some more time to see through first. As our extension of free hosting package was also ending on 30th April 2015, So it was in our mind to announce closing of OneUrdu in march and celebrate April as farewell month and then close site with grace and love. Sadly enough first due to this data ware house failure and now ending of our hosting plan we could not implement these thoughts.

We need your help
Now our plan is to buy hosting and try to get back data and restore OneUrdu for 3 months only. This would help to discuss various closure options, say good bye, say thanks and announce any other places where ex-members can join forces. We are short of funds so we need your help here. If you can afford to donate then kindly contact at [email protected] immediately with your proposed contribution for this 3 months plan or any other suggestions and feedback. As a gesture of thanks we can announce your name in blog, give global back links on footer and give some gold memberships for this period. If we could get enough help and got our data back we would be able to restore the site soon. If data restore was not possible at least we would be able to install new forum and start discussion. Once inside other talks related to OneUrdu future can be held there to finalize the closure or any other way to continue the services. So please do consider helping here if you can.

Thanks for your visit
Please let us know if we can be of any further help
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